Harkány Spa

The healing water and spa.

The healing water of Harkány was discovered in 1823 by a lucky accident. The healing effect of the hot water was soon scientifically proven, so in 1825 the construction of the spa began.

The sulfur healing water emerges from a depth of 50-70 meters, from a so-called karst limestone lump, with an average temperature of 62.5 C. The medicinal water of Harkány has been successfully used for healing, rehabilitation and health preservation for nearly 200 years . Medicinal water with a similar composition and effect can be found in two other places in the world, of which the Dead Sea is the closest to Europe.

Why is Harkány medicinal water special?

The extraordinary healing power of the water is given by the mineral carbon sulphide , which is present in a dissolved state in the healing water. Both through the skin and by inhalation, it is very active in getting into the body, and its absorption is 150 times higher than that of other sulfur compounds. This compound was first discovered here in the world in the 1860s.

What diseases can be treated with medicinal water?

Gynecological diseases

Various gynecological problems and certain forms of infertility can also be effectively treated with the help of Harkány medicinal water. With balneotherapy, they can promote lasting improvement and recovery, at low cost, by reducing drug consumption, without side and after-effects, as well as complications.

The sulfur and sulfide content of the water has a powerful muscle relaxant, vasodilator, and anti-inflammatory effect, improves the blood flow of the tissues, increases the formation of follicle hormone and corpus luteum hormone, and inhibits inflammatory processes. In addition, it is also a proven beta-endorphin (“happiness hormone”) enhancer, and thus indirectly has a significant positive psychological stress-relieving effect.

Sulfuric water significantly improves the chances of pregnancy.

The experience of surveys proves that as a result of a three-week medicinal water and complementary physiotherapy treatment, in the case of primary infertility of unknown origin, in 37% of cases, the so-called in secondary infertility – where attempts to conceive a child fail after a previous successful pregnancy – 52% became pregnant within a year. 80% of these pregnancies resulted in live births.


The water in Harkány also brings healing to people suffering from psoriasis. Clinical tests also support the effectiveness of Harkány medicinal water in the treatment of psoriasis. The change in the patient’s skin is spectacular after a spa treatment of up to one week, and after two or three weeks of treatment, the patients become symptom-free for months.

For the treatment, fewer drugs and less concentrated ointments are needed, and the skin symptoms and complicated joint complaints can be cured at the same time. Based on these, the medicinal water is an ideal supplement to conventional medicinal, ointment and light therapies.

You can read more details on the website of the psoriasis center in Harkány .

Musculoskeletal diseases

Sulfur entering the body plays an important role in the repeated rebuilding and replacement of the sulfur-containing compounds that make up cartilage. 90% of locomotor patients suffer from joint and spinal disorders, primarily the vitreous cartilage of the load-bearing joints, hips, knees, and ankles. Organic molecules are involved in the construction of these articular cartilages, the prominent element of which is divalent sulfur.

Due to the chemical effect of the medicinal water, during the Harkány cure, the sulfur in the water is incorporated into the cartilage. The buoyancy of the water, the hydrostatic pressure, which reduces the body weight in the water, i.e. the load on the weight-bearing joints, and the hydrodynamic effect, as well as the thermal effect, also take part in the treatment.

The Harkány Spa

The spa’s three covered levels of 5,000 square meters surround the two, individually partially covered, large spa pools. The spa pools, which offer a water surface of 2,100 square meters, were designed in the form of sitting benches – in addition, the water depth of 110-153 centimeters allows free movement.

The pools await those who wish to heal and refresh with a constant water temperature of 28-34 °C in summer and 34-38 °C in winter. A popular and free service of the spa is musical water gymnastics led by a physiotherapist, which can be used twice a day, every day of the week .

After the baths and treatments, you can relax in spacious relaxation areas dotted with flowers. The relaxation beds can be used free of charge in the spa building. In season, a well-kept park, sycamore trees providing cool shade and huge palm trees await those looking for quiet relaxation.

In the whole area of ​​the spa, there are several catering units with hot kitchens, fast food restaurants, buffets, hot and pancake shops. Out of season, restaurants and buffets await guests.

You can find more information about the spa and ticket prices here .

The composition of Harkány medicinal water:

Constituent element mg/l
Sodium 158,00
Ammonium 1,88
Calcium 50,00
Magnesium 11,20
Potassium 15,50
Iron 0,01
Total cations 237 mg/l
Nitrate 0,40
Chloride 105,00
Bromide 0,61
Iodide 0,12
Fluoride 1,39
Hydrogen carbonate 525,00
Sulfate 6,90
Sulphide 12,40
Total anions 652 mg/l
Metasilicic acid 55,00
Free carbonic acid 242,00
Altogether 990 mg/l