Villány wine region

A hidden treasure of the Villány wine region.

Palkonya cellar wall

Palkonya’s tiny, modest, whitewashed historic press houses are located in seven steps on the slope of the hillside at the end of the village. In the small cellars dug into the loess soil below them, fiery, deep red wines mature.

The small press houses open their doors at Pentecost, during the Ördögkatlan Festival, and during autumn events.

The winegrowers of the cellar village mostly make table wines, but there are also quite a few full-bodied reds that offer great pleasure value.

Cultural Village of Europe

Its architectural, folk art and folk tradition values ​​make Palkonya a fabulous sight and an exciting destination. Walking between the press houses, one can fall into a long-forgotten world. The row of cellars in Palkonya has a special radiance, a characteristic charm that is difficult to describe in words.

Thanks to the cooperation and hard work of the local people, Palkonya was chosen as the Cultural Village of Europe in 2007.

Fish ponds and streams

Palkonya is characterized by a quiet, peaceful environment. The village is located at the northeastern foot of the Villányi Mountains in a hilly area surrounded by meandering streams.

The cellar is surrounded by fish ponds and streams with crystal clear water, so in addition to wine tasting, the region offers many exciting excursion opportunities for tourists looking for active recreation.

Hiking routes

Around Palkonya, there are quite a few signposted hiking trails for those arriving by bike or hiking boots. The international “Three Rivers” cycling route passes through the village. For hikers, the Palkonya-Vylyan trail offers a wonderful sight and experience. The comfortable, 4.5-kilometer walking path leads the hiker through a forest, mountain, and vineyard.

In the spring of 2015, the Palkonya Vineyard Run started with the intention of creating a tradition . The runners could cover a distance of 9 to 19 kilometers on the mountain terrain leading between the wine presses and rows of grapes. The local cellars provided refreshment for the tired competitors.

In addition to all this, you can enjoy the fabulous panorama of Palkonya by walking to the Mokos Family Winery, located opposite the row of cellars, or to the Weingarten vineyard hill above the winery.

Palkonya, the cultural village

The village’s biggest event is the Pünkösdi Open Cellars , where wine lovers are treated to special food, cultural events, folk music and horse-drawn carriage rides in addition to the juice of the grape bunch.

Another popular event is the Ördögkatlan All-Arts Festival , which is organized in the first week of August every year, and Palkonya is one of its prominent locations, along with Nagyharsány and Kisharsány.

Palkonya welcomes groups of friends, adventure seekers, couples in love and nature divers alike!

In the company of golden yellow, strawberry red, cherry burgundy, crimson purple plum-scented fruit wines, we simply enjoy the tranquility and harmony of the area and feel good here – this picturesque village gives us this at any time.

Vilánykovesd | Photo: Zsombor Györkő