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The Balzsam Apartmanház in Harkány, close to the Spa, awaits its guests who want to unwind and relax.

We pay special attention to the cleanliness of our apartments. In addition to regular cleaning, we also disinfect with an ozone generator for complete safety.

The ground-floor U-shaped main building is located in the area of ​​a 3970 m 2 ancient park arboretum. In the closed courtyard, there is enough parking space for 15 cars or, in the case of a group, a bus. In addition to a lounge and other rooms, our 8 fully equipped, modern and individually designed apartments ensure relaxation, one of which is also suitable for guests with reduced mobility. The building, as well as the entrances to the rooms and a washroom in the common area, are designed accordingly.

The apartments, which can be heated in winter, have the following rooms: bedroom, living room, dining room, bathroom. 6 of these rooms can accommodate up to four people, and the remaining 2 rooms can accommodate 2 people each. The size of the former is 35 m 2 , while the size of the latter is 32 m 2 .
Additional premises: community lounge 62 m 2 , reception, laundry room, repair shop, boiler house.

Our guests are also provided with internet access (50 Mbit/s) – full WIFI, as well as the cable TV connection available in every apartment and in the lounge. The wooden furniture in the apartments is custom-made, hand-painted and marked with the name of the given room, given after herbs. Examples include Poppy, Mallow, Lavender, Cornflower or Dandelion. The equipment of the dining area of ​​our apartments, starting with the kettle, coffee and tea maker, microwave oven, refrigerator, glasses and mugs, cutlery and various kitchen utensils, and stainless steel utensils, serves the comfort of the guests. The furniture in the garden provides the perfect opportunity for sunbathing, reading, and evening conversations. The building has two infrared saunas , which our guests arriving with a direct reservation can use for free on the day of arrival.

Our apartment house is suitable for weddings, engagements, family events, company training, product presentations, and other events in both winter and summer .

The spa is 150 m away, the water of which is excellent for joint problems, psoriasis, gynecological problems, etc. effective treatment. More information at www.harkanyfurdo.hu .

8 apartments and ∞ tranquility await all visitors!

We wish all our dear guests a pleasant rest, relaxation and refreshment!

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Do they accept Szépkart? OTP Szépkártí yes, but prior consultation is required.
  2. Couldn’t it be done without a reservation?
    The 50% deposit we request in advance ensures that we can manage our accommodation, so unfortunately we cannot do without it.
  3. When will I receive confirmation of the paid reservation?
    We do not automatically send a confirmation. On the third working day after payment, however, we will respond to all interested letters.
  4. Do you have WIFI?
    Yes, in every apartment and also in the lounge.
  5. When can I book the accommodation?
    Our accommodations can be booked from 2 p.m. on the day of arrival.
  6. When do I have to leave the accommodation?
    On the day of the trip, please leave our accommodations by 10 a.m.
  7. When do I have to pay?
    Please pay the full cost of the care upon arrival. In the event of earlier cancellation of the tournament, we are unable to refund money. We thank you for your understanding!
  8. How do I get from the bus terminal?
    The distance of approximately 500 meters can be reached on foot, but can also be solved by taxi. After getting off the bus, walk along Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Street to the police station, then turn right from there to find the apartment building.
  9. Couldn’t my car stay in the yard for one more afternoon?
    It can be solved by prior agreement.
  10. Can I come without a GP referral?
    If you want to receive medical treatments at the Harkányi Spa, you will need a TAJ card, identity card and residential address card.
  11. Do you have a child discount?
    There is no specific discount for children, our apartment building is primarily adult-friendly. For children staying in the same room as their parents, we charge an extra bed.
  12. My relatives would also come over the weekend, is that possible?
    Yes, we are happy to provide accommodation and food for them as well, subject to availability. Prior consultation is required.

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