Máriagyüd pilgrimage

Pilgrimage? Spiritual renewal? Hungarian El Camino? Pilgrims have been visiting the Máriagyőd church for centuries.

For some, this church near Siklós, at the foot of the vineyards, in the embrace of the forest, with a unique architectural design and built with Zsolnay ceramic stations, is the purpose of their pilgrimage. Many people arrive as transit passengers, rest here, gather strength, and continue their journey to Medjugorje in Bosnia. In 2010, the Hungarian Pilgrimage Route was established on the approximately 420-kilometer long section of the Mária Road from Esztergom to Máriagyód by an association of twenty-four municipalities, modeled on the El Camino in Spain.

Máriagyód farewell days

  • The shrine’s farewell day is July 2
  • Pentecost – Roma pilgrimage
  • Holy Trinity Sunday
  • Our Lady of Sarlós – youth farewell
  • Our Lady – farewell
  • Kisboldogaszony – farewell, the farewell of the Germans

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