Pécs and its surroundings

Relaxation in Harkány can be enhanced with a variety of experiences; it is also worth visiting one of the most atmospheric historical cities in our country: Pécs. To wander through the old-fashioned streets and squares.

Pécs is a city with a Mediterranean atmosphere in the southern Transdanubian region, a cultural and artistic center, and the Cultural Capital of Europe.

In the historic downtown, the public spaces are decorated with valuable works of art. The Mediterranean atmosphere is created not only by the hot sun, but also by the almost 2,000-year-old presence of Roman culture, the zigzag streets from the Middle Ages, the historic buildings touching each other, and the rich archaeological heritage.

On hot summer days, those who look across Széchenyi tér , the white glowing stones of the mosque , or walk through Jókai tér in the afternoon-early evening mood , or in the evening turn around the korz , among the open-air restaurants and cafes of Király utca and relax in Színház tér on the stone ledges of fountains, you can already feel in Italy. Arriving by car from Harkány, catching a glimpse of the city is like traveling through the hills of Tuscany or Lazio.

Sights of Pécs

Zsolnay fountain

The history of the Zsolnay fountain dates back to 1908, when Miklós Zsolnay offered to donate a decorative fountain to the city in memory of his father, Vilmos Zsolnay. Andor Pilch was entrusted with the construction of the well in 1909, and the work was completed in 1912. After that, due to various urban planning reasons and the First World War, the well was not erected for 18 years, and was stored in a warehouse until 1930. It finally moved to its current location in May 1930, in the southern part of Széchenyi Square, in the small square in front of the Church of the Merciful. The square has been called Zsolnay Square since 2003.

Misina roof

The 176-meter-high TV tower stands on the Misina roof . From its circular lookout point, you can see far away in good weather. To the south, you can admire the city and the Baranya hills, and the Villányi mountains further away. Zengő rises to the east, Tubes to the west, and Mecsek to the north.

Zoo and aquarium-terrarium

In addition to the 3.5-hectare zoo on the hillside, the Aquarium-Terrárium operates in a basement in the heart of the city. I would like to transform the zoo’s collection towards smaller species suitable for active public relations and species important for species conservation reasons. Its main attractions: Lion house, hippo run, meerkat castle, Falabella mini-horses, pygmy monkeys. In the case of the Akvárium-Terrárium, the aim is to create a positive example for hobby animal keepers and to promote the nature conservation values ​​of the area. Among the city’s plans was the elimination of the zoo and the establishment of a large safari park instead.

Pécs Zoo Pécszoo.hu

Zsolnay Cultural Quarter

One of the largest investments of the Pécs 2010 European Capital of Culture project is the Zsolnay Cultural District , which after its completion became the most attractive part of the city. The district was built on an area of ​​5 hectares on the site of the already destroyed Zsolnay Factory, by renovating the once unused heritage buildings. The still operating units of the factory moved to the buildings in the eastern part, freeing up a lot of useful areas for culture, arts and tourism. Various art, cultural, public education and educational institutions were opened in the new buildings, making the area of ​​Zsolnay Gyár a vibrant cultural quarter of Pécs.

Here, city dwellers, tourists, the elderly and the young alike can find a meaningful form of recreation that represents value.

The Zsolnay Cultural Quarter can be divided into four parts in terms of functions, the Míves quarter , the Creative quarter , the Children and Family quarter and the University quarter form a whole, in which you can find the exhibitions , the puppet theatre , the concert and theater halls , the craft quarter , the visitor center , the university district and cafes , restaurants and shops.
The source of information is the official website of the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter in Pécs.

Zsolnay Cultural Quarter | Photo: Mrszantogabor